Our officers face difficult situations every day.

A thankfully small percentage of these situations will result in the officer having to use force, be it to protect the public, maintain order or keep themselves from harm.

They are extensively trained to use this force proportionately, lawfully and only when it's absolutely necessary.

Use of force performance information

When force has been used against a person, our officers are required to record it.

This makes sure that we're held to account, that any trends are identified and any training, equipment or officer safety issues can be understood. All of this makes sure that our use of force is fit for purpose.

This information includes any form of restraint, handcuffing, use of a Taser or irritant spray.

Officers only record tactical communication (an officer speaking to the person concerned) when it's used as well as other uses of force. This figure shows that our officers will try to defuse a situation to gain a subject’s compliance before escalating to other uses of force.

If only tactical communication is used, it's not recorded as a use of force.

We closely monitor the number of complaints we get as a result of officers’ use of force.