Satisfaction surveys

We are constantly working to improve the quality of the service we provide to the public.

In order for us to understand your views on the service we provided, we carry out regular satisfaction surveys undertaken by our Insights Team to help us understand your satisfaction levels against different parts of our service. Our surveys capture feedback from each stage of a victim’s journey ranging from the initial point of contact to action taken and treatment by officers and staff. This feedback provides us with valuable information to help us improve the service we provide to victims.  

Your views and comments are vital for us to understand how well we have responded to your incident and which parts of our service we need to improve on.

Our team of researchers currently make contact with victims of Domestic Abuse and Violence, Hate Crime and Residential Burglary. Our online survey platforms currently make contact with victims of Anti-Social Behaviour and Stalking & Harassment. The Insight Team also undertake various surveys with victims of other crime types throughout the year.


Are the surveys conducted in-house?

Yes – At South Wales Police we have a dedicated team of Researchers to conduct our victim satisfaction surveys. 


Do I have to take part in your surveys?

Taking part in our surveys is entirely voluntary. Whether or not you choose to participate will have no impact on your case.


What telephone number will be displayed if South Wales Police call me?

The telephone number will show as being withheld.


What if I want to know more about my crime or incident?

Our dedicated team of researchers conducting the Insight surveys do not have updates about the incident and therefore are unable to answer questions you may have.  To discuss details of your actual incident or crime you can contact our public service centre and ask to speak with the officer who dealt with you.


How do I make a formal complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with the service that we have provided and wish to submit a formal complaint to the force then you can do so via our force website. 


Victim focus

If you have been effected by a crime or incident South Wales Victim Focus are here to help. South Wales Victim Focus is a local service run by the national and independent charity, Victim Support. They provide help and support to anyone in South Wales affected by crime. They aren't part of the police, the courts or any other criminal justice agency. Their services are free, confidential and available whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened. Please use the following link for more information.